525,600 minutes (a.k.a. recap in 15 minutes or less)

In which the party escapes the maddening winds of Pandemonium, climb a giant tree, and sail across a sea of fire.

The party found refuge in a great walled fortress, which had been partially converted to an inn. The howling winds kept them inside, where they met with several of the inn’s patrons and inhabitants. The party solved a murder, rescued a woman and her imaginary friend, but learned that their guide had been replaced by a murska (which meant that Al’amonth had been made dinner). Oh, they also fought some green slime and a boulette, both which wanted to eat the party for their dinner.

The boulette’s tunneling had opened up a passage deeper into the fortress, and the party investigated, finding the remnants of baatezu experiments. The party made friends with a glowing undead skull and a strange energy crystal, but the friendship didn’t last very long. Also, a group of drow got ahead of them and had a party (without the adventurers) in one of the rooms in the fortress.

The adventurers had a guide again! This time it was a tiefling hunter, named Eelmig, who owed them since they cleared his name from the murder accusations. He knew a way to get to Ysgard, but there was a catch: frost giants. The tunnels filled with snow as they approached Loki’s hall, and several wolves and their lycanthropic leader attacked the party. After they made some wolf pelts, the party met two frost giants, and Derf met the end of a giant frost cleaver.

The giants captured the party and took them as slaves, a task which the group enthusiastically but ineptly carried out. Loki’s hall was a pretty quiet place, and the party began planning their escape. They met some new friends: a halfling rogue named Bullin, and a human warden named Tok. They also met a new enemy: a dark-skinned man, held in awe by the frost giants, who afflicted Eelmig with a rotting disease.

The party managed to escape, drugging the giants and guard dogs. With the freed slaves following, they all climbed up the giant root of Yggdrasil, but they weren’t out of Loki’s grasp just yet. A corrupted treant guarded the other side of the root, but Derf convinced it that they were agents of Loki and they high-fived. Nothing bad will happen from this ruse.

They climbed up the tree, helped some ratatosk by beating up some hobgoblins who like to eat the ratatosk, and talked with a Lillend who guarded the gate. Xell and the lillend traded songs, and she let them pass.

The party made it to Ysgard, but now needed to get to Merratet, Bast’s realm. Some of the plane’s petitioners attacked them, but the party made their way to a settlement on the shores of a fjord. They negotiated with the villagers too take in the freedmen, and left Eelmig in the care of the town’s healer. They bought passage on a ship, absconded with the thane’s daughter tagging along, and had a pleasant and uneventful journey (aside from the harpies and sahuagin) to the earthberg that Merratet is on.

The party finally made it! Now they just have to climb over the mountains that tower between them and Bast’s realm. Unfortunately a rock slide blocked the main road through the mountains, so the party opted for the shorter, but more perilous route. Along the way they discovered an oread shrine, shared a cave with a fensir (Ysgardian troll), and were attacked by some dryads and their pet displacer beast.

But everything turned out alright, and within a couple of days, the group should be off of the mountains and well within Bast’s realm. They know they’re getting close because all their dreams are filled with the power’s thoughts of hunting and stalking. This doesn’t make for the most relaxing night’s sleep.



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