An Honest Mistake

In which the party tries to travel to Ysgard, but ends up in Pandemonium instead.

The party started looking for a portal that would take them to Ysgard, and to the Sphinx. Asking around tavens and inns in the Clerk’s Ward, the party met up with two brothers, Al’amonth and Kazoreth, who knew of a portal and were preparing a journey there for trading. The party spent the rest of the day getting supplies and making preparations, and met up with the brothers at the inn name.

The group walked through the streets of Sigil, activated the portal, and stepped through. Immediately they were plunged into darkness, and buffeted by a roaring wind. Salim created a magical light, and they all saw they were in an rock tunnel that streched both directions as far as the light illuminated. The brothers were rapidly arguing with each other, both angry that their information about the portal was wrong or incomplete: it took the party to Pandemonium, not Ysgard.

After the initial shock wore off, the party set out through the tunnels, searching for a way out, or at least shelter from the incessant winds. Suddenly a crossbow bolt launched from the darkness ahead, and struck Kazoreth in the chest, felling him. The party was attacked by a group of duegar dwarves and a darkmantle. Al’amonth fled the battle, escaping into one of the smaller tunnels. The party killed the darkmantle and several of the duegar; the remaining survivor fled back into the darkness. With the battle ended, Al’amonth came out of his hiding spot, to mourn his brother before he and the party continued on.


Pandamonium is loud.

An Honest Mistake

Pandamonium makes us cranky.

An Honest Mistake

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