Return to Sigil (aka Back to the Future)

In which the party meets some new friends, some old friends, and receive a warning from a dwarf.

Having defeated Other Mother and escaping her realm through the aid of the Keeper, the party found themselves back in Sigil, but in Cordan’s time – approximately one hundred years in the past from when they originally met him. Disturbed by their situation but curious to explore, the party opted to split up and meet later.

Salim wandered around the market ward and became involved with finding a lost cat. The cat was trapped in a warehouse infested by a pack of cranium rats, and in order to obtain his and the cat’s freedom, Salim revealed to the rats some of his knowledge of the future – specifically about what had happened to Illsensine at the hands of Other Mother.

Derf wandered over to the Great Gymnasium where he joined up with the Transcendent Order, and immediately started a rendition of popular dwarvish drinking songs.

Rolen went in search of a temple to Bast so that he could commune with his god and determine how being in the past affected his mission to find the tiefling named Xell.

Illyria decided to strike it on her own – as she saw it, since traveling with this group she has been chased across multiple planes by nefarious forces, trapped in a collapsing demiplane, and now dumped in a time before she was even born! Not wanting to find out what other calamities befall them, she susinctly made her goodbyes and split.

Cordan met up with his mother, and told her of all the events that had transpired. At first disbelieving him and thinking he had fallen to some malady (as she had just met with Cordan-from-the-past a short while ago), she nonetheless agreed to provide a kip for Cordan’s new associates.

Concerned about the implications of two Cordans existing at one time, Cordan went in search of his new friends. He met up with Salim and Derf and they were heading to meet a member of Cordan’s clan when they were warned by a old beggar dwarf woman about an approaching calamity. Suddenly a low-flying harpy battered into a large tent, knocking it over and trapping those underneath.

Cordan and Derf ran over to help out, while Salim was told by the same dwarf that disaster would befall the party unless they kept the elf girl close. The elf girl turned out to be a bystander trapped under the fallen tent, nearby Cordan’s clan mate. Neither he nor the elf were badly hurt, though the elf had suffered a concussion that caused amnesia. Confused and injured, she agreed to remain with the party.

The dwarf woman gave the party warnings of three approaching dooms:

  • The winged musician’s peril draws closer; she will pass through Wall to reach the edge of the world, and if she follows her crimson fate will find herself a prisoner of the shadows.
  • Beware the flightless bird; there, light without warmth will not serve you in the tempestuous tunnels of madness.
  • The vengeful son of the mountains will seek out his progenitor and together, strike back at those who murdered him.

Concerned about the implications of the first warning (and believing in the dwarf woman), the party went in search of Xell, using Cordan’s memories as a map of her whereabouts. They were accosted by a group of ooze mephits and mud elementals that escaped out of portals from the inner planes. After defeating the creatures, the party resumed their search for Xell. They found her with Cordan-from-the-past in the Great Bazaar, making preparations for their journey to Wall.

Cordan, Salim and the others approached Xell and Cordan-from-the-past, and after the initial shock and confusion, convinced them of their veracity. During this discussion, Rolen managed to catch up with the rest of the party and was surprised to see Xell. He explained that he has been on a quest passed down from his mother (a cleric of Bast who was corrupted by Other Mother), and then handed Xell a scroll, thus fulfilling his obligation to his power.

The scroll is a summons to Ysgard, requiring Xell to pay her debt to the sphinx. With this in mind as well as the dwarf’s warnings, the party decided to split up: Rolen would accompany Cordan-from-the-past and travel to Wall which will lead them to the watery demiplane where the elven runethane resides; Cordan, Salim, Derf, and Leithe will travel with Xell to Ysgard.



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