Xell (Grezz'r'are'xell)

Narcissistic Bard that does not believe in anything that can not be verified by senses.

  • CHA – 19
  • INT – 19
  • WIS – 12
  • CON – 12
  • Dex – 10
  • CHA -8
  • Travel Chant (PH2)
  • Comprehend Language (PH1)
  • Advantage of Cunning
  • Jack of all trades
  • Improved Majestic Word
Magic Items
  • Skald’s Armor
  • Safewing Amulet
  • Common & Abysal.

Name Grezzrarexell- Xell

  • Borne to a tiefling (male, planer, Athar) and elf ( female, prime, Godsmen)
  • After her mother’s death, Xell’s Father gave her to the Bleak cabal
  • Xell enjoyed meeting the new people in the cabal’s care. She could never understand why the bleakers were so depressed with that many new people coming in and all the amazing stories their “guests” told.
  • After 10 years of annoying bleakers, Xell left. She became a beggar to survive. During this time, Xell learned how to communicate better, she learned many new languages and some of the subtleties of the unspoken dialog of the people entering “her” city.
  • After a few months, begging became boring. Xell decided that bringing deaders bodies would be more fun. After a week of dealing with such stagnant personalities (you could interchange one deader with another), she decided to never associate with the deaders again (unless they show something different in their personalities, views, or if she needs something from them).
  • After getting tired of working with the dustmen, she became a tout. She gave tours of several wards. Several businesses hired her to bring customers to their place and recommend it to her fairs. A Yugoloth named Akim was one main patrons. Xell grew tired of carrying Jink around town and decided to accept alternate forms of payment like a new song, a new meal, a unique story, or something practical like exotic clothing. Since her routes were routine, the pay eventually had to be unique in some way.
  • Work with unique payment was very hard to find and Xell eventually left to pursue other work. Xell bumped into a locksmith who was looking to test his locks. Figuring that Xell was like all other tieflings, he hired her to see if she could pick it. Xell decided to try lock “testing”. The lock testing job paid very little to start with, but it was fun, so she stuck with it for a while. As her skill grew with breaking into the locks, the locksmith decided to have her start testing more complex locks. The locksmith was soon able to start selling locks based on the time it took Xell to break into them.
  • After a year of working for the locksmith, Xell needed more money to afford to live in a kip. She left on good terms with her boss.
  • While leaving the smith, she literally bumped into a prime mage by the name of Lasandra. Upon talking to Lasandra further, Xell managed to get a job researching portals. This was really exciting for awhile, as Xell was encouraged to get as much information as she could from primes and the portals they came from. This new job took her all over sigil, had her talking to random people as they entered Sigil, learn all that she could about the people, learn all she could about the portal and was getting paid. Unfortunately Xell started to get an idea of where portals would appear after a few weeks working with Lasandra and the people started to get boring.
  • Around 18, Xell’s spending habits were again increasing, this time, consumable products were her fascination. Her pay with Lasandra would not keep up with this new habit, so she went back to her old employer to see if he had a part time opening available.
  • With the locksmith’s previous success in designing complex locks catching up, Xell was rehired with more pay. Xell also managed to convince the smith to hire 3 mages and expand his business into security. The wealthy enjoyed the new security, the smith enjoyed the success and Xell enjoyed learning magic from the mages. This new venture proved extremely useful. Also, Xell resigned from working with Lasandra on favorable terms.
  • Xell got a promotion from lock tester to security tester. She loved this job as it brought her into houses she never thought possible, test unique traps, meet new people, and she could afford her current life style.
  • When the thrill of consumables started to ware off, Xell went to the Society of Sensation’s HQ. There she was introduced to memory crystals. She was addicted to them almost instantly. When she was not working, she could be found in a booth. After a month, she was informed that the Society was paying people to infuse their memories onto crystals. Xell made a lot of money in this transaction. However she safeguarded all the security memories.
  • Because of the amount of crystals Xell had “created”, a Drow representative of the Society approached her and asked if she would like to join. She accepted the offer and suggested a unique trial for membership. She wanted to drink some Styx water with a memory crystal in her hands to record the sensation of losing memories to share with everyone.
  • She was accepted. Unfortunately, in her zeal, she lost her nearly all of her skills in security, magic, portal detection, musical background, linguistics and other areas. She was unable to perform her previous job. After parting ways with her previous boss, she decided to set off and explore the multiverse as an adventurer.
  • One of her first adventures involved the elf who burned down the hive. This is where she met Cordan.
  • Leathery Bat-like wings
  • Feline Eyes (one light blue one dark green)
  • Prehensile tail
  • Fangs
  • Causes an uneasy presence in animals
  • Other stuff to follow
Things she would die for
  • Close Friends (Cordan & Roknal) in that order
  • Her dreams
  • The creation of a bardic college
  • The creation of a new faction to replace an old one (any including the Sensates)
  • A new revolution in experiences (This is a tough call as you can look at it from two sides support or destruction both being strong experiences. Rule of thumb is if it invokes strong emotion she is likely to defend it (of course if it gets in the way of goal 1 or 2 she is quick to discard this belief).
What is wrong
  • Keeping information secret that does not harm the public is wrong.
  • Sharing information that is harmful to the public is just as wrong.
  • Killing in most situations is wrong especially if the offender can be dealt with in other ways.
  • If the offender has made it to difficult to deal with them without killing them, then murder is justifiable.
  • To repress an individual is wrong (assuming that the individual is not out harming another).
  • Stealing is frowned upon, but not outright wrong.
  • Sentient creators make up their own minds, and should do so. This means that if a person does not agree with what their comrades are doing, they need to express it to their comrades. Their silence means acceptance. This also means that an individual is responsible for their own actions (barring any mind control).
  • All individuals enjoy something new. Gossip is usually about some new event, action, etc. Even if the person claims not to enjoy it, there is part of them willing to talk about it to any that would listen (if they truly did not like it, then they would never speak of it again, in hopes that it disappeared)
  • Performances are a form of expression, something that people can use to express an abstract creation. To actively destroy this is an attempt to control the emotion and thus wrong.
  • Sensate creed. If you can not experience it in any way shape or form it does not exist. Everything from a concept to brick and mortar can be experienced in some way; there is no exception to this rule. Abstract thought only exists when someone can make it tangible in some way (even if it is just within thought.) Think scientific method.
Why She Will not kill
  • This is a theft of another’s creative process. This is inherently a vile act, one that ultimately steals from all.
Views on Others
  • Sentient creators are responsible for their actions.
  • If someone does not take initiative, then they are stuck with those consequences.
  • If an individual freely hands over their right to choose, like a patron at a music hall, then anything done they have agreed to. However if they were tricked through illusion or intentional deception, then they are a victim. Unless Xell is doing the swindling, then they clearly were just bending to the will of their superior.
Arrogance/ Vanity
  • With her Int and Cha, Xell believes she is a blessing to Sigil, as a result she has a strong desire to please those in her presence (make them feel like she graced them with each word she says). Much like a power will throw a few tricks to make their practitioners feel special. This also means that she goes out of her way to make certain that people feel special when they are with her (please note that special does not always entail a positive reception).
  • Xell has a desire to become immortal. She feels to do that, she needs to do something significant, like become a foundation within Sigil. To this extent, she would like to create a lasting legacy. One that will give her recognition throughout the multi-verse.
  • With objective immortality comes recognition (her true goal). Xell needs to be in a spotlight. Eventually she would like to end her adventuring days, and write performances based off her experiences with all the characters and locations slightly changed. Although, her character will always be the one audiences to like the most; she is the star after all.
Public Behavior
  • Xell does not want to put her plans in jeopardy with drastically illegal activities. Unless it would result in more favor with the crowds and bards of sigil. Her actions are almost entirely dictated by what will win her more favor in the crowds she wishes to partake in.

Bottom line, life is a show and the goal is to get the audience to beg for more.

Xell (Grezz'r'are'xell)

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