Currently as a defender class, he has like 60-something hit points, and an AC of 25. Used to use axes to do more damage, but discovered that he sucks at swinging them, so is going with the whole “Hammer of Moradin” approach, in the hopes Derf can mark more mobs for the party.


A while back, Other Mother decided to send an emissary to Toril in the hopes of cowing the population into worshiping her. One of her minions went to the Dwarven city Derf lived in. Now Derf was a pretty typical dwarf for his age, but he was consumed with a great fire for Moradin. He entered the temple studies at a young age rather than follow in his father’s steps as a smith, but the life of the cleric was too boring for Derf. He longed for rightwous combat against the enemies of his faith, having been raised on such exciting stories by his father’s father when he was but a babe.
Now when Other Mother sent her minion down to Toril, the dwarves were concerned. They needed some sort of divine guidance regarding what they should do. Fortunately, an ancient member of the clergy brought forth a scroll he had in his possession for over two hundred years regarding what was to be done about Other Mother. The church was to send Derf Strongbow to the planes as the scroll stated that he would be instrumental in her downfall. So Derf was chosen, or allowed to volunteer, and sent through a ritual to the outlands.
See, Derf dealt with Other Mother, then traveled back in time to write a note for his church to send him to the planes, knowing that he would be able to end her threat to the Dwarven people for all time.


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