A halflin rogue of the artful dodger variety. quick to stick you with my dagger.


Male; 4’2"; 80lbs


max hp-47; Speed-6; init +8

AC-22 (sunleaf leather armour+2); Fort-13; Ref-22; will-18

Halfling features: Bold- +5 saving throw vs. fear; Second Chance- reroll if an enemy hits me (encounter power); Nimble Reaction- +2 AC vs. attacks of opportunity.

Rogue features: First Strike- at encounter start, combat advantage against enemies that have not acted yet. Artful Dodger- Add CHA to AC vs. opportunity attacks. Rogue Weapon Talent- Damage die increases one size with shuiken; +1 on attacks with daggers. Sneak Attack- Once per round, if you have combat advantage and hit with a cossbow, light blade or sling, deal extra damage (3d8)

Passive Insight- 13
Passive Perception- 18

Trained Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Bluff, Perception, Stealth, Thievery

Languages: Common, Dwarven, Halfling.

Feats: Opportunity Knocks- Gain combat advantage after some opportunity attacks. Duelist’s Panache- Backstabber- Sneak Attack dice increases to d8s Weapon Expertise (light blade)-
Gain bonus to attack rolls with light blades. Weapon Focus (Light Blade)-Gain +1 damage per tier with Light Blades.

Powers: At-will- Piercing Strike, Duelist’s Flurry Encounter- Second wind, Second chance, Fox’s gambit, Jumping blade Assault Daily- Blinding Barrage, Go for the eyes.

Magic Items- subtle dagger +2, sunleaf leather armour +2, Elven Cloak +2


Bolan grew up in a prime material world devoid of terribly exotic monsters and fiends. As the humans of the plane were slowly spreading their influence, magic and fantastic creatures were losing habitat and slowly giving way to the inexorable march of progress, forced into extinction by the unseen hand of the free market. It was this unseen hand that pushed Bolan’s captor and ward into sparing his life when he discovered him during a raid of his peoples village. Deciding to try his hand at slavery Bolan’s captor, Durbin Hostelpepper took his first captive. Finding it difficult to get a decent price for the minuscule infant he decided to hold onto him until he could discover the niche market that his lacking business savvy told him was sure to exist for tiny laborers. Unable to find one, he made one of his own.

It did not take long for Durbin to notice that his little captive had quite the penchant for exploring and getting into the most inconvenient spaces. This gave Durbin an idea. He began cultivating the child’s exploits and when he became old enough to reliably follow instructions, he would send the child into homes or shops to retrieve valuable goods or unlock a back door so Durbin could loot the place. It was not difficult to keep young Bolan in the dark about the illegal nature of these childhood “games”. Bolan found them quite entertaining and enjoyed rising to the challenge of these endeavors that his father would invent for him. Even as he grew into adolescence and began to understand the real purpose behind these escapades it did not bother him so much. After all, they were not exactly taking the food out of peoples mouths. The heists were performed on residences who could well afford to part with a set of silverware here, some gold coins there and most of the jewels they acquired Bolan could not fathom anyone wearing in public anyway so gaudy were they. Thus they carved the fat of the wealthy and used these superfluous riches to feed and clothes themselves; and quite comfortably at that.

As is common with slavers, Durbin was a greedy man and quick to make enemies. Though Bolan never knew another father figure in his life he never felt a closeness to his captor. Durbin kept Bolan well fed and in comfortable conditions, yet he never feigned to have feelings any deeper than the financial interest Bolan represented to him. Although Durbin played the part of the boss or leader of their arrangement, it did not take terribly long into Bolan’s adolescence for him to realize that without him, Durbin would soon find he had not a financial leg to stand on. Durbin’s tendency to lavishly deplete the considerable riches that they would attain struck Bolan as excessive and unnecessary, and his loud and brutish demeanor often made it impractical to remain in one town for very long. Not that Bolan minded the traveling but he actually found this lifestyle to be more constricting than what most would associate with a life on the open road. He had seen a great many cities but never would they stay long enough to enjoy them and rarely were they welcome to return.

By his young adulthood, Bolan was fully aware that Durbin was not a kind man and Durbin sensed that Bolan was tiring of this lifestyle and was aware that it was Bolan’s faculties that kept them in his current comfort zone. After moving through the several stages of grief he finally settled on rage. Not willing to let his “investment” slip away so easily, he set his mind to murder. However, Bolan’s will was equally set to survival. Now Bolan never considered Durbin much use for anything but he could not deny that he was a formidable fighter. More than once did Durbin fight off a mob to allow Bolan time to escape and always was he amazed to find that Durbin never succumbed to the vicious mob. Durbin had in fact taught Bolan to defend himself, and these lessons had indeed gotten him out of many a sticky situation but Bolan knew he could not begin to match Durbin in a head on collision. This is why he was so confounded when he felt his dagger sink into Durbin’s gullet, but not more confounded than when he looked in his eyes and saw something wholly unfamiliar. Was it a flash of rage? The shock of defeat? No, though he had never before seen the slightest spark of affection from this man, the expression was undeniable; It was the love of a father for a son.

The bittersweet new found freedom Bolan had discovered had been tainted with the blood of the only father he ever knew. That night, after the incident, Bolan ran far away, though he could not say why. He was more free at that moment than he had been in his entire life, yet still he was running, running away from something, running as though someone was right on his heels, someone who was trying to take from him his hard earned freedom, yet he knew the only one who could do so was dead. When, finally, he stopped to rest, he realized that he was running from his former life. He wanted to leave it all behind, and he did, he just did not realize how far behind he had left it.


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