Welcome to Planescape!

Imagine a multitudes of worlds, interconnect by portals – passageways that transport their user across vast distances of space.

Imagine that these worlds are formed and shaped by belief and thought, that towns and lands can shift from one plane to the next, depending on the character and principles of its inhabitants.

Imagine that groups of like-minded individuals have come together in order to exert their philosophy and will upon others, to show that their beliefs are the truth.

Imagine a city in the shape of a torus, floating at the top of an infinitely tall spire. A city that has such a density of portals that all covet it, and would destroy or enslave it, if it were not for its silent bladed guardian, the Lady of Pain.

This is Planescape, a campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. We have been playing within this world for several years now, and though the rules may have changed, the spirit and character remain the same.

Found within are the stories of the travels of a band of itinerant adventures as they find their place within the vast planes, and in doing so find themselves.


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